Monday, 23 January 2012

Just one sketch - The sketch!

Thank you to all who commented yesterday, it seems I also like to use blue a lot, who knew!! (well Nicky & Jem did obviously ;-) I think this may be because it's such an easy stereotypically boy colour.

Heres the sketch I came up with.....
You can see the horizontal line, the strong placement of the title, journalling & the photo. The layering of the stars, which could be paper, embellishments or a mixture of the 2. The layering of paper over the background creates a border effect. I shall keep in mind textures, pale background & blue.

So heres the first page I created from it....
Can you believe I didnt have any banana related craft stock!!! Thank goodness for fimo ... not sure how it'll last, especially on the "peeled" bananas but we shall see.
I started off looking for a yellow that would go with the banana in the image, but all my stock seemed to clash, then I found the sheet I used for the back ground (Alla-Prima collection "Aquarella"), and decided to match up the other colours with this instead as the pattern on the majority of the page seemed quite internal-banana-ish. As it happens I couldnt match the mustard/brownish yellows tones up, grrrr! so I inked over a fawn coloured sheet instead.

The ribbon matched the teal plants perfectly, and it all seemed to go very well with the photo, making the banana yellow really stand out. I finished off with the yellow title, the journalling done in brown, and finally the little doodle of the banana as I felt the space here made the page look unbalanced.


  1. I love it!! Excellent banana embellies and a great photo.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. is it OK to use your sketch? I have a photo waiting to be scrapped that will fit it perfectly. :D

  2. AWESOME sktech and AWESOME fimo! Cannot believe you made them (OK, I can believe it because you are so talented!)fab fab fab x

  3. those banannas are amazing!! Great sketch and fab page xxx

  4. I love the bananas - they are sooo cute :)

  5. Call yourself a scrapbooker and yet you have NO banana embellishments???????


    Absolutely amazing fimo creativity there K - very talented! Love the combo of teal and yellow against the craft - great page.

  6. Those Fimo embellies are awesome and I do love your sketch! So nice to be back to blogging and catching up with you all x

  7. Very cleverly achieved and so effective! That's a great photo too.



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