Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Gift Money Wallets

I usually give my niece & nephews money at Christmas along with sweets to open. Though this part is a no brainer I put my thought behind how to present these gifts. This year I opted for wallet style cards to hold the money

The outside of the boys "wallets", I tried to make it look similar to the velcro ones they normally have.

A purse for Layla, a bit more colourful  and girlie. These were stuck to a wrapped roll of sweets
 The inside, side view. All made from a single 30cm x 10xm piece of card (so 3 made out of 1 sheet of 12"x12")
A slot made for the money to sit in, It stays in here quite nicely.

Instructions can be found on Craftdee Donnas blog HERE
The sticker on the inside was printed from a design by Mommy by Day ... Crafter by night blog HERE I hust digitally signed it from us :-)

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  1. Those look great, thanks for the links on how to make them too! x



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