Sunday, 10 June 2012

Challenge links & Front Pages

Thank you so much to everyone who left me links for challenges, I shall be making a list of them in the sidebar shortly so not only can I find them all together easily but so you can have a look as well.

Since thursday I have managed to get 10 pages done, 8 single page layouts & 2 double page layouts. For me this is fairly amazing as I only usually manage to get 2 done a week maximum, it takes me a day to do just one.
My albums are all made up of individual layouts for each event, no theme going through the album except that its in chronological order with the date & journalling on show. I now have about 10 layouts left until I finish my 2010 albums (I've had to split it into 2 albums as just 1 wasnt big enough). With this achievement looming, & for me to finish a year of photos in scrapbook form it will be an achievement, I was wondering what I should have as the first page.  I've tried googling this topic & havent found many articles on it.

Maybe I should have a title page? 2010 made up of random photos from the year.
Maybe a contents page.
A letter giving the highlights of 2010, a bit like those annual round-up letters I get from the odd person at Christmas.
I've heard of writing hopes & dreams for the year ahead, which though a nice idea, doesnt quite work seeing that 2010 has already been & gone.

So how do you organise your albums & what do you have as a first page? I'd love to know.


  1. You could have a 3X4 grid with a photo from each month, or try 2010 by numbers (a la Julie Kirk's month by numbers), or 'That was the year that was...' with the highlights. Have you got some random photos you haven't included? Or who says you have to have a page with photos anyway?
    Just some ideas from someone who only has two organised albums - each from a separate holiday. One has the trip itinery and a selection of photos not in the rest of the album. The other has the holiday by numbers.
    That number of pages scrapped is pretty impressive. Am I guessing correctly that you're doing a certain course on scrapbook albums by any chance?

  2. I've got one album. Total. So am in awe already.

    I like the idea of just a page with 2010. What about one of those mosaic programs? You could input all your 2010 photos, print out the mosaic and then cut the 2010 out of the moasaic. Mat and layer it. Voila page done. The one I've used before is - and I used it to make the Goblin King/David Bowie piccie here. OR you could create the mosaic and have the main image as all of you as a family made up of all the piccies from 2010... Dead easy.

  3. Bum! That ^ was me, Devvie has started her blog again and keeps not logging out! Aaargh!

  4. wow how many pages???? I don't think I could ever make that many in a week (probably not in a month lol!!)Can't wait to hear about your inspiration and see all those pages! xxx



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