Saturday, 30 June 2012

Scrapbooking: Pants in the air!

I had the sketch for this page in my head for quite a while, so when a challenge came up at UKScrappers that fitted what was in my head I decided it was time to get it onto paper.
The challenge was.....
Red white and blue theme
At least two photos

I cut a large pair of pants out of red dotty paper, cut holes for the legs & stuck white behind these. I then embossed lines around the waist & leg holes. Having stuck the top and bottom borders onto the background sheets, and stuck the photos down, I could then stick the pants down & cut them in half so in the end the pages could go in my album. I added the title which is based on an old play ground rhyme used for seeing who was going to be "on"
There's a party on the hill would you like to come?
Bring your own bread and butter and your own cream bun.
Can't afford it.
Who is your best friend here?
(insert best friends name)
(insert best friends name) will be there, 
With her knickers in the air
O-U-T, O-U-T, 
O-U-T spells out!

I finished off with the all important journalling, written straight onto the pants, it reads....
I gave Kai a packet of new pants, which he decided to try on .....
all of them, 
at the same time,
on his head & his legs!!!!


  1. Dear me... that makes our playground skipping games sound very tame indeed (though there was one song to do with showing your pants to a policeman / football team (depending on the version)....)
    Fab page though K! I love how you made a double layout with it and you put so much effort in (little details make all the difference).
    But not a page to show his girlfriends when he gets bigger..

  2. How funny! I've never heard of this rhyme but its a great title and I love that it means something to you from your own childhood.



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