Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Scrapbooking: "Just like Mummy"

I so wish I could safely share the photo on this layout with you, it is sooooooooo funny, almost as funny as my little sister colouring in a Sanitary Towel with red pen when she was little to prove she'd had her first period but thats a page yet to be scrapped. Kai will be so embarrassed by this when he is older but its definitely one of my favourite photos of him, and one of my favourite layouts.


  1. I can understand why you're not sharing K and honestly the story on it's own made me chuckle *g* Reminds me of when my little sis wanted to be a boy and decided to shave... with Dads razor! Yes... we spent many a visit at A&E with her... am surprised Mum didn't have a nervous break down!

  2. You wicked woman! Oh, but how funny! Better hide this page away before he is old enough to be uber-embarassed by it...

    My friend told her son that her tampons were "mummy's tablets", when he asked about them.
    Then she had the near-heart-attack moment, when son #1 came running downstairs to tell her that son #2 was "playing with your tablets, Mummy - they're all over the floor". And of course you know what he was really playing with - white mice of course!



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