Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Scrapbooking: I have a tail

Sorry for the blanked out photos this week folks, normal service shall return shortly. This page is a simple one that has a photo of Kai pretending he's got a tail (no, he hasnt got a real tail), so I went looking for other tails to add to the page. The background paper is covered in peacocks with their beautiful plumes, I stuck the photo down, & then added the title. I inked all the way round the photo & even over some of it to make stand out a bit more before removing the title stickers. I wanted to make "Tail" stand out more so put a fresh letter T and A back on. I added a couple of embossed leaf stickers and different animal stickers with tails showing. The journalling and date were the finishing touches, written on with a teal coloured pen to match the  predominant colour on the page.


  1. Little kids seem to get quite fascinated by the idea of having a tail. I remember pinning socks, toy snakes, pillow cases - anything handy - to our jumpers and pyjamas, so we could "have a tail" too. Sadly, it never grew on like we hoped...

    Fabulously colourful page, K! I like the masking on the title. And I have a rubber stamp of that cat... :-)

  2. Ah yes. I can just imagine the photo! LOL! Is this the album that's going to come out when he brings a girlfriend home? LOL!

    I too love the masked title, you're on a roll this week K!

  3. p.s - that deer looks like he's giving Kai a worried look! Great placement! :P

  4. Great page - love the title masking - you have been a bot of a scrapbooking dervish recently haven't you - I keep coming to you in Google Reader and seeing the post count going up and UP!

  5. I have missed seeing your photos but understand why they cannot be shown, loving all your creativity xxx



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