Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Scrapbooking: Loves young dream - a christmas play

Kai's school did a modern day take on the Christmas nativity, something that I think would make it more accessible for the younger children.
I wanted my scrapbook page to be just as modern so took the colours from what the kids wore, card flight attendant hats & bibs - well how else would Maz & Jo (aka Mary & Joseph ) get to Bethlehem in 2012 other than Donkey airlines?

I wrote the Christmas Story as they had acted it out on the left, and about Kai's part in the play in the yellow box on the right.

With such vivid colours I didnt want to much in the way of patterns & embellishments so stamped pale swirls at the top & bottom, a piece of holy in an annoying blank patch, and 3 red circles which mainly went behind the photos to add some correlation. I think the red made it feel a bit more christmassy, along with the red rub on words & swirls.


  1. Loving the double page and the colour scheme - very modern!

  2. Great colours and a wonderful memory to capture. Donkey Airlines - love it!



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