Saturday, 12 January 2013

Scrapbooking: Snownanny

We awoke to snow falling this morning, quite thick snow, coming down heavily. So it was rather disappointing when it thinned off and turned to water. They say we have 3 weeks of potentially freezing, awful,snowy weather to come, I do hope so. As a family we have so much fun in the snow.


  1. these are wonderful pages! I can't believe you had snow today wow! In fact initially I thought you had taken these photos this morning and scrapped them all! I must scrap some of my snowy photos xxx

  2. Another fabulous layout - we still haven't had any snow! But 3 weeks worth sounds a little - well frightening if I'm honest!

  3. I like your big bracket papers on here! I love the snow, and so do the kids, but my husband hates it. He's so annoying when it snows as he gets all grumpy when we're all excited! x



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