Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Scrapbooking: Paper Mache Pig

There are times when I sit & guiltily think of fun things I did as a child that I havent organised to do with my children, this normally leads to a holiday or weekend activity. One of these thoughts (in 2009) involved putting paper mache over a balloon to make heads, hot air balloons or piggy banks ... as usual this became a summer holiday activity.
I used a sketch in a UKS challenge for the basis of my page. I wanted to use pink to bring out the colour of the pigs, but also used a lot of grey to make it more masculine, and because it goes soooooo well with pink.
Is there anything you did as a child that you look back & wished you'd done with your children, or would like to?


  1. Oh creating with family and scrapping about it - now this I like!

  2. I wish I just taught the girls more skills. I sewed quite a bit when I was my eldest's age and although we bought her a sewing machine a couple of years ago, it sits in the box waiting for me to show her what to do with it. I think if she showed more interest that would at least be a start!

    The pink and grey on your LO go perfectly together.

  3. The grey and pink do go very well together! I tried to make a paper mache piggy bank with my daughter but it took so long she got bored (she was only 3). Then we ended up turning it into a halloween treat basket, decorated like a spooky pumpkin, which looked great!

    There's lots more I want to do with her. I remember making a doll's bedroom out of a shoebox, and decorating it, sewing a blanket and things. So in a year or so we'll do that! I've just started teaching her to sew using kids cross-stitch things! x



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