Sunday, 23 June 2013

Crafts & Cards Class: Jewelry Box

As some of you may know, once or twice a year I take a class run by the local college & taught by my talented friend Lynne.
Its always filled with lovely people, eager to play, and learn some new techniques & Lynne never fails to deliver.

The first lesson this time was entitled "Tissue". We start the class by discussing ideas, Lynne showing what she came up with & how to make them & then we do our own thing, whether thats copying what Lynne has done or using what she has brought along to do our own thing.

I started off with a plain wooden chest & white washed it.

Once dry I stuck on a piece of Tim Holtz patterned Tissue Paper which I'd cut to size, ensuring the butterfly was central. I aged it a little and added a small amount of brown & red to the butterfly before stamping on the saying "The Future comes one day at a time"

I then stamped around the sides, and inked the edges slightly. I again added a small amount of red & brown ink detail.

Inside I added some card, similar to the shape of an unstuck together box base, covered in fabric.
I punched holes along the card and filled with eyelets. Ribbon fastened to the sides meant I could easily lift this piece of card in & out. I could then put my piercing bars through the eyelets & do them up meaning I could easily see which one I wanted.

I bought a couple more boxes off Lynne to do some at home so watch this space!


  1. Wow that's fantastic, I love how it looks, so very pretty!

  2. is beautiful...and you make the process sound so easy...but i bet it's not!

  3. gosh that is really impressive k!



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