Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Crafts & cards: Not "large Letter"

This week we looked at making flat cards that can easily go through that tiny letter slot.

Torn paper makes gorgeous waves, and its easy to add die cut shapes out of paper to keep the thickness to a minimum.

But the technique I really enjoyed was using Pan Pastels
 I created this card by using a single blue colour. The background scene was madeby using ripped paper as a stencil and going along from the front to the back without refreshing the pan pastel. This made the colour pale out the further "back" it went.
I then stamped the trees, verse & bird using versamark ink and gently went over with cotton wool rubbed with the same pan pastel.

To finish I used pearl coloured stickles to dot on the cherry blossom.

I started off by masking off a circle and making a night sky before removing the circle and making the masked off area look more moon like.

I stamped a city scene with versa mark & gently rubbed with black pan pastel, I repeated this two more times, going lower each time & trying to make it darker.

Finally I stamped a verse in black ink.

A very simple card, the background done by blending lines of similar coloured pan pastels together. I stamped with versamark and went over with a purple pan pastel. Finally I stamped the verse in silver ink.


  1. These are all lovely K, I especially love the duck and boat!

  2. Oh they are lovely, I like the torn paper waves. I haven't played with pan pastels but seen some great effects with them - including yours!

  3. I love the moon one the bestest xxx



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