Friday, 28 June 2013

Crafts & Cards: Textured Canvas Art

While a small group of us crafted at Lynnes house we noticed a gorgeous canvas on her wall and admired it. She explained how she'd made it and asked if we'd like to make one on her next course, oh yes we would!
We started off by edging the canvas in brown acrylic paint, & the a line of white acrylic paint diagonally down the center where we wanted the "river" to flow. On top of the white we put lines of encaustic wax diagonally down the center in blues, white, grey and small amounts of brown & black.
These were then smudge slightly with the encaustic iron.

 From there we began working towards the corners, dripping browns, reds, oranges & purples, then gently blending them together slightly. We built these up a bit along with a few patches of pale blue & peach.
 On the very corners we added coloured polyfiller, this works just as well as texture paint. into this I added curls of copper sheeting, gravel & sand.
A bit of white polyfiller rubbed on with my finger down the "river" gave the image of froth & rapids. I also put glossy accents along this area & sprinkled fine glitter on to give it a shimmer. The glossy accents was also used so I could stick sand along the "river banks"
Once dry I tidied the edges up & recoated with brown acrylic paint.

All done & now hanging in my lounge.


  1. Wow that's fabulous the textures are amazing!

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous K. Agree with Virginia - the texture is fantastic.

  3. Love textured art and this is brill, K.



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