Saturday, 29 June 2013

Scrapbooking: Christmas Photo Shoot

We are now exactly half way to Christmas!!!! Sorry, didnt you want to hear that word yet. Maybe you'd like to have a laugh at the preparation of last years christmas card instead?

I've been loving the polaroid style embellishments & frames that have been going round, and they are perfect when you want to scrap several photos, especially for a photoshoot!

I wrote under some of the photos, in classical polaroid photo style

I also used simple patterned papers with the polaroid frame to add the journalling onto.

And filled in the gaps by embellishing on other polaroids

These made up a page I loved of how the photoshoot went.

I then turned it into a double page layout by making a simple page using the final photos I used on the Christmas cards for that year.


  1. Oh that is absolutely fantastic K - I love the way you've documented it!

  2. Priceless the Polaroids!
    Alison xx

  3. I really love this K :) Such a fun photo shoot. Was the camera on autopilot? Love how you've laid it out with the polaroid pattern.

  4. That looks such fun to do and great result, love it!

  5. Brilliant!!! The photo shoot itself must have been so much fun and I love the way you've scrapped it - great polaroids!



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