Friday, 21 June 2013

Scrapbooking: Blists Hill Victorian Museum

Last years fashion to have quite "rustic" old looking papers came in very handy for this double layout about a visit to Blists Hill Victorian Museum. I tried to match the colours up with those in the photos - red & blue to match the bunting, and green as there was so much of it.
I removed a flag we were given from its stick & added this to the page, I find collecting & storing a few items from the day such as tickets, leaflets etc can add to the page either physically or by jogging my memory.

I tried to keep things fairly minimum as I had so much journalling I wanted to include, the information on the left being a brief overview of what was going on at Blist Hill that weekend, and on the right it was the more detailed journalling of what we did.


  1. are some of those papers form the 6x6 pad I gave you as they look familiar and I love what you have done with them

  2. Yes they are, well spotted Ruth, also just had to go out & buy the 12x12 version as well ;)

  3. Like the circle matts for the photos. Looks like you're on a bit of a double page roll!

  4. Oh that's a fabulous layout!!!!



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