Friday, 18 March 2011

Rocking My World Friday

Well these past few weeks have been very up and down so lets sift through for the good stuff!

I have received an AWESOME epilator/razor combi thats rrps for £169.99 :-O & I got it for free (double ;-O ) to try out and give my honest opinion about, having never used an epilator before its an eye opening (& watering) experience (my first post on it is HERE if you want a nosey/giggle at my pain)

My lil sis & I went for a wonderful clothes shopping trip, shopping for clothes for ME! this is a very rare occassion but was definately necessary & therapeutic, especially as she had a 40% off voucher for peacocks (the shop, not the bird!) which could be used on sale items - there was a lovely £30 maxi dress reduced to £8, & then with 40% off!!!! Yay!!!  In total I bought 2 hats, 3 pairs of trousers, 2 cardi's, 2 blouses, 1 T-shirt, 1 skirt, 1 dress & a pair of shoes, original price about £150, with discount etc £50 ..... I do love a good bargain - though I must admit 1/4 that lot ended up being for the kids, well they are still growing whereas its usually only my waistband that grows ;-)

The weather has cheered up, flowers are showing, greenery is sprouting everywhere, birds are singing & their are signs of new life everywhere.

My other half passed his managerial course & is now the 1st and only senior assistant manager is his area (which covers at least 1/2 the west midlands), this unfortuantely doesnt come with a pay rise but does mean his job is a lot more secure & is a step closer to getting his own store.

I recently had blood taken for testing & all is clear which is both good & bad. Its good that I have nothing physically wrong with me but not so good as I am on a waiting list of unknown length to seek help on my worsening agoraphobia, I also think that my drs kind of at a loss what to do with me in the mean time. But at least I found the strength to go ask for help in the first place! Its also shown me that there are some wonderful friends out there who are very supportive (& others who just dont "get it", but we'll just leave them be)

I have some lovely photos to scrap of my youngest from his learning journey book, and ideas from recent events, such as him crying at "walking with dinosaurs" as the dinos kept dying & one couldnt fly at the end, was so sweet, & then laughing as the one dino marked its territory (it pee'd everywhere, a really "I'm desperate for the loo" type gush) .... its also an insentive for me to save up for a little while to get some new scrapbooking goodies, such as some dino papers and embellishments.

Need some more heartwarming stories, or are just plain nosey (like me) go check out Virginia's blog


  1. K, what does it say about me that i didn't even finish reading this post before charging over to read about your pain? :D

    I can fully understand about the Agorophobia. I wont bore you with details but I do pretty much have to force myself to go out a lot of the time and I don't even have full blown agorophobia. I do hope they manage to sort it for you.

    Congrats to hubby and to you for all those bargains.

  2. Cor, great shopping trip, lots of bargains there! Well done.

    Good news about your other half - feeling a little more confidant about job security helps you to sleep at night, eh?

    I do hope your drs can help you soon. It must be terribly worrying.

    Have a lovely weekend, fellow rocker.


  3. What a lovely list of gratefuls this week, the walking with dinosaurs part made me giggle. I'm glad the blood tests were OK but sad that you're in the grip of agorophobia, sending you hugs today.

    Congrats to hubby and way to go you going shopping I soooooo get where you're coming from I have to be dragged kicking and screaming to go clothes shopping LOL.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.




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