Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Whats on Your Workdesk Wednesday #95

Today is Kai's 4th birthday so my table had to have a bit of a tidy, along with the rest of downstairs, ready for any visitors. It, however, is a lovely spot to start making Kai's cake .... he wants a dinosaur cake, eep! pop by tomorrow to see how I got on :)
In the backfround you can see my usual bowl of fruit, still in its bags .... I find it gets less bruises like this, but I must at somepoint invest in a new fruit bowl as the bars on this one really isnt practical.
You can also see good ol' vick! Poor Kai has got an awful cough & cold, which turned into a fever yesterday. Thankfully the fever broke & hes a lot chirpier today.
Finally theres also 3 frames for a little, simple project I'm working on, my moms old photos to scan (photos of her as a baby, my grandparents wedding photo etc), as well as a few scrapbooking bits, any pages I'm in the process of constructing go in the "pizza box".

Hows about joining in with WOYWW and link up over at Stamping Ground, I'm #90


  1. Good luck with your dinosaur cake :)

  2. Happy birthday Kai! 4 already where does the time go?? Have fun creating the dinosaur I can't wait to see it!! Just wish I could taste it lol!

  3. have fun with te dinosaur cake nad birthday love the lanterns int he background
    Thank you for sharing with me on WOYWW

    Vicky #88 30.3.2011

  4. Good luck with the dinosaur cake and a very happy birthday to Kai.
    Have a great WOYWW,
    Karen #79

  5. Cool an industrious foody table this week - love it!

  6. Happy birthday, Kai. Will there be enough cake for us all to share?

  7. Ah yes! I remember the "theme" cakes well! Now the kiddos don't really care, just as long as there is cake, LOL!

  8. Oh, your workdesk looks quite yummy. I would love a dinosaur cake. Can't wait to see yours. Thanks for letting us peek at what you're up to.

  9. Cannot wait to see a Pic of the Cake, and a very Happy Birthday Little one.
    Have fun
    Crafty Kaz.

  10. looking forward to seeing a pic of the dinosaur cake and the birthday boy! Hope he is feeling better! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #83

  11. Thank-you for stopping by my woyww, love your cake and blog. Kyla

  12. Thank you for sharing the info. I found the details very helpful.




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