Saturday, 3 April 2010

Rough with the smooth

99% of the Scrapbook pages I see are happy, joyous pieces of work, a celebration of an event, person or other memory, I believe this gives future generations a false outlook of our lives, so sometimes I just have to scrap the downsides of life to give a whole picture.

I'm almost ashamed to say that one of these times was my pregnancy with my second son, maybe its because apart from morning sickness and a long labour with first son I had a fabulous pregnancy, I glowed, I was still had a tiny waist from the back view, and I felt good; with second son it couldnt have been more different. Through all the bad times though the outcome was definately worth it, I wouldnt change Kai for the world, and should count my blessings as, though I didnt realise it at the time, on of us could well have not been here now.

For all those who hate bad pregnancy/labour stories, do not click on the pictures for a close up of the journalling.

I didnt WANT the pages to look depressing, even if the journalling ended up that way. The border was already on the background, but I found this looked very flat so used a knife to cut slits for the photos and strip to fit through.

I wanted the main focal points to be the journaling and then the photo. I printed the journalling onto a similar blue paper as the background, and then put it in the centre so it was the main focal point. The photo I mounted onto yellow to match the page border and kept them at the bottom so eye would follow the story down to them.

The band was added to give interest and balance to the page, as was the stickers/chipboard.

The title I wanted to blend in a bit more with the background so I used the craft robo to cut the letters out of pale yellow.
The final 3 page layout.


  1. Some beautiful pages, love the way you have slotted in the photo! Couldn't click to read the journalling which I would have liked to as I am such a nosey cow!!

    Love ya lots, me xxxxx

  2. Should be all sorted now for you to go nosey :) Though a bit blurry if you zoom in too much, thanks for the heads up.

  3. Your pages are beautiful!!!

  4. aww they are beautiful pages and the journalling is lovely :) x

  5. You're right, its a good idea to scrap ALL your life events, not just the 'best' ones! I sometimes wished I'd written down all of my details of my two childbirths, it is after all part of the story of our children.

  6. Ruby had to have the thing attached to her head too, blimey did that hurt when they were doing that... and they made me lay flat to do it - no easy task when in the full throes is it? She had a little graze when she came out where they had done it.

    I couldn't take gas & air - they gave it to me with Devon and I threw up all over the poor midwife. I vomit on them and you nearly knock them out! *g* They should have danger money! I had to just have a pethidene jab with all 3 of them after that. Knocks you out in between contractions. Craig said I was all 'RAAAAARGH, zzzzz, RAAAAARGH' LOL.

    These are beautiful pages K, I agree that we should have these memories documented too as well as the happy, happy ones. AND I think this is the first triple set of pages I've seen ;)

  7. WOW! I love pregnancy/labout stories... it's the midwife in me! Glad you were both okay after such a frightening time xxx



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