Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Starting out using beads

Starting out with any new craft can be expensive, especially when you dont know if your going to be any good at it or even enjoy it, so I always look out for cheap alternatives. Buying beads is one of those crafts that can get very expensive, depending on what beads etc you buy, so to start off I have been looking out for cheap beads. The other day in poundland I found some very long necklaces. I checked that the beads werent attched to the wire thread, merely threaded onto it. They were so I grabbed 3 to have a play with.

The quality of most of the beads definately arent upto that of glass beads, and they feel different as well, lighter and not as cold. Some of them (such as the blue) are wooden and are very nice quality. They will give me something to play with, to create new designs and get a feeling for jewellery making. If I dont end up enjoying it I havent lost much money on it, and I can always use them in other projects.

So tuesdays tip is, keep you eyes open in other shops for cheaper alternatives when your just getting started.

1 comment:

  1. ooh so you are using your talented hands in another creative outlet! Jewelry making you will be fab at that too I'm sure xxx



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