Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Fairy doors

I want to make a little fairy door, a doorway to the world of elves and fairys. All the ones I've seen look so beautiful and magical.

It could even change with the seasons, maybe have a hook on ready for a wreath to hang, or maybe a "happy birthday" banner.
I think it would make a lovely gift.


  1. ooh i love these! my whole family laughed when i said I wanted one though ! meanies!

  2. Oh, yes - what a fab idea! :-)

  3. Oooh i love them !! I havent seen them before... Love the 2nd one.

    Think Jammy needs to ignore everyone and get one LOL or 2 just because you can hehe xxx

  4. Strangely enough I found some ceramic ones today in a charity shop, after I read your post this morning. I got them too - you sold them to me! I was also thinking of sending them to you but they weigh a ton and besides, your own handmade ones would be much better I'm sure! (See my post later tonight/tomorrow to see what they look like) x

  5. Do you know, ever since I did a Folklore CJ I've wanted to do this. One of the entries someone put how to make a faery hideout using a birdbox and I've never got round to it! You've just reminded me!

  6. this is a great idea my grandchildren love playing under our old oak tree and the little door would make it really magical



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