Saturday, 17 July 2010

Summer fun

So the summer holidays are almost upon us here in England meaning theres 6+weeks where children have to be kept entertained - that could be 44+ days of "I'm bored!!" so I like to be prepared.

Every saturday I am going to post details of what I have done with my 3 year old and 11 year old sons when they've got "bored". Obviously how they react to the things I plan, and what they do with them can be totally different, such as last years "body painting" my then 2yr old enjoyed walking around on the paper making foot prints whereas my then 10yr old learnt if he put enough paint on the paper it turned into a slippy run way.

Hopefully these posts - happening every saturday until the end of the holidays - will give you ideas of activities to do with your own children. Most of them will be using what I already have in the house, & will include both indoor & outdoor ideas.

Next Saturday I will post a list of all the things I have thought of so far with links to recipes etc.

Hows about helping me out a little bit, what activities have you got planned over the holidays for your children? go on, give me your list.


  1. We always sign up for the summer reading challenge at the library, that means 7 separate visits - and our library has themed craft activities once a week over the summer too, so we'll coincide our trips with as many of those as possible! I'm also planning a photography trip to the local park, partly so I can photograph them, and partly for them to photograph things that take their interest (bugs, probably...) Then we can scrapbook the results :-)

    I don't have many other firm ideas yet so I look forward to stealing yours! ;-)

    (My kids are 8 and 10 btw)

  2. We do the reading challenge too. Today my girls were in our back yard with a tub of pavement chalks (£1.99 in the Hobbycraft sale) Didn't hear a peep out of them for over an hour - then they only came in because they ran out of concrete. Best £1.99 I've ever spent ;) That was Devvie (13) and Ruby (nearly 3) Pheebs is away for a week so only 2 at the mo to occupy! The yard looked amazing too - so cheerful. I'm getting them out there again tomorrow (washed the yard down tonight)

    Great idea for a post K!

  3. Oooh fabby idea K.. Ive starting filling in Bens summer planner yesterday. So i hope that can give me ideas. When i find different things i will be sure to let you know xx



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