Saturday, 17 March 2012

200 Budget Meals - A review.

I was sent "200 Budget Meals" by Octopus books to review...

What's it all about?
This is a 240 page, colour, recipe book. The blurb on the back reads
"From Soups and starters to suppers and desserts, over 200 delicious recipes for chefs on a shoestring budget
Beautiful photographs and clear instructions make this book perfect for every cook."
It starts with an introduction that explains how to buy the right products, at the right time can help stretch your budget. It then leads onto the recipes, sectioned off under the headings "starters & snacks", "vegetable & salad dishes", "rice & pasta", "meat & poultry", Fish & Shellfish", "desserts"

How did I find it?
I've made several of the recipes from the book & find the instructions very easy to follow. I like how alternatives are given with each recipe so you can alter it slightly. The majority of the recipes are quite cheap to make, though some would be outside of my own budget. The recipes are not only cheap but also all seem healthy as well. There's a good selection of winter warmer type of meals and lighter summer salads, with varying degrees in-between. The majority also take less than 40mins to prepare & cook so great when you have time restraints.

The photos are clear and look appetising without looking too fussy or unobtainable

The recipes I tried were all very tasty, and I would recommend this book for people on a budget looking to try out some flavoursome new meals without wanting too much fuss behind it.

You can find this book on HERE.
Thank you to Octopus books for sending me this book to try out


  1. Oh that looks good I really need to find an easy quick recipe book that I can use that will get said 11 year old eating with us more often, we've ended up with mealtimes being split between adults and child grrrrr - this looks like a potential - thank you hun for the review!

  2. Update K - I had a look through the book on Amazon - you know the thing when you can flick through some of the pages, saw another 3 great reviews and ordered it! I'll let you know how I get on!

  3. Thanks for the review K. Looks like a book I copy of "The Pauper's Cookbook" is falling apart and I do need some new ideas.
    Hugs xx



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