Friday, 23 March 2012

Rocking My World Friday

I am writing this, feeling rather stressed out -                                                                                               you've probably heard about Game on the news, well Ryan works for Gamestation who Game also own- so contemplation on the positives will hopefully lift my mood.

First off is the lovely surprise I got through the post....
Lizzie makes the most beautiful books in a range of styles. People buy them for weddings albums, guest books, recipe books, I could go on & on. I admired such a book she'd made for her friend, a sketchbook you can find HERE on her blog. She made me an A6 journal with the same materials & sent it to me as a surprise, isnt she a darling! There was also a lovely card in the package and all beautifully wrapped, which always makes anything even nicer (you can send me your toe clippings & as long as you package them nicely I wont yell at you). I love how the lokta paper (is it made by orcs? you've got to be a WoW player to appreciate that lil joke) almost seems to blend into the grey suede spine. Not only made with me in mind it was also personalised with a "K" stamped with a lino stamp Lizzie had made, mine, all mine, see, the letter tells you so. It all made me feel very special and loved, thanks Lizzie xx
You can see better photos, & read more about the book HERE on Lizzies blog, she is very generous with her explanations & tutorials so well worth a look.

Last Friday Kai gave me my Mothers day present & card when he came out of school, he couldnt wait until sunday. He made me a lovely bead bracelet & told me he HAD to put a purple bead on to match my hair, this kid KNOWS to colour coordinate :-D

Sunday I had a lovely Steak dinner on salad, I cooked it to perfection even if I do say so myself. I love steak but havent had it in ages so treated myself, well, it was MY day.

The sun is out & its warm! I actually went to the school today in a light cardi & was still too warm.

Friends on facebook giving me support when I had a much needed rant, and others complementing me on my new fb photo (the same photo is on about me/about lil ol me), a nice lil ego boost.

We're all healthy (ish) , not starving, have heat & light, a roof over our heads, all the things we take for granted. So whats Rocked your world this week? Aa always, come link up at Celtic House.


  1. That is a stunning profile picture. You rock that purple hair - it's stunning on you!

    Sounds like a pleasant Mothering Day, and a very thoughtful boy you have.

    Have an excellent week!

  2. Oh bless you sweetie, in amongst that week we all manage to find out positives and yet again you've managed it! Loving the gifts - will go check the blog out shortly! Loving the Mother's day story too - bliss!

  3. That is such a cool photo - your hair rocks! Well done to Kai to colour match a bead in his bracelet for you :o) Your book is beautiful and such a thoughtful gift.

    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for Ryan's job.


  4. I know I have passed envious comment about your hair before, but in that new photo I covet it even more - you look stunning!

    My whole family are gutted about Game - and even more so Gamestation which they prefer anyway - being in trouble. I hope your other half is one of the lucky ones.

    Love the gift you received, and as ever your son sounds like such a sweetie

    hope you have a good week despite the job worries

  5. That is the purple I want for my hair, so jealous! Whenever I dye my hair purple it always comes out looking more red than purple!!Your picture looks great!!
    Your mothers day sounds wonderful and such a thoughtful son to colour coordinate your bracelet for you!
    Hope the situation with Game and Ryan's job is ok.
    Have a great week x

  6. How did I miss this post? You made a post with my book in and said you like it... and I missed it.
    And you were posting about Game etc...

    I am so sorry I didn't see this before - thank you for the appreciation and I do hope things are going okay, work-wise, for Ryan (and you!)



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