Thursday, 15 March 2012

Just one sketch - No photos & layering

I REALLY enjoyed making this layout. A lot of my memories of "little Zack" (as opposed to his rather taller current self ) werent caught on camera as I didnt carry my film loaded camera around as much as I do my digi one so these are recorded without photos.

I altered my sketch slightly to make it suit more layers & the very pretty background sheet.
I am very happy how it turned out.


  1. Is this didgital scrapbooking? It looks really good :D

  2. Lovely layering - and a great idea to record those photo-less memories - a beautiful page!

  3. Fabulous LO - I love the"no photo" challenge. Great way of recording memories...and the papers are lovely.
    Hugs xx

  4. gorgeous gorgeous page. What papers and tags and embellishments did u use? Are they all from one manufacturer? they are lovely and you have combined them perfectly... who needs a photo!!??!!

  5. i really love the papers too, very bling. liking ur style with this layout K,
    jo xxx

  6. Gorgeous layout, loving the colour and the accents and the fact you've managed to create a layout about a memory that you don't have any photos for!

  7. Love the background paper, K! It's a very nice page - doesn't really "need" a photo at all.
    Poor "little" Zak - what a disappointment for him. I bet he still remembers that too, it's the sort of memory that tends to stick. My DS' infant school did give them crackers and they sang songs etc. Did you tell Zak's teacher how he felt? Tricky one really... but sometimes the adults don't think about something from a child's point of view (and sometimes a child's understanding or expectations are so way-out and unexpected, that you just couldn't have predicted it - I'd have my own stories about that!)

    Lovely page, glad Zak "lived to tell the tale" though - yay for his kind mum, giving him a Super-special packed lunch on those days!



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