Friday, 16 March 2012

Rocking My World Friday

Its friday again & I really dont know where the week went! Actually, I kinda do, Kai had 2 days off school which made it feel like the weekend again, but I'll tell you about that in a moment :-)

Saturday we had Kai's friend over with his Mom to play, it was nice to talk to an adult & listen to the kids play, though I have to admit it was even nicer, after a previously busy week, to run upstairs after they'd left, through on my slobbies (a tracksuit for slobbing round the house in ;-), & not worry about messing the place up or doing any housework. Though I'm sure the Mom wouldnt have minded the place in its usual lived in appearance, I would, lol.

Sunday, weigh in day & I lost another 1lb, yay. almost at the 1 stone loss mark. I bought size 12 trousers off the rack & the fit ... seeing my size 14s were very tight at the start of the year I am over the moon, I am noticing the difference. I feel healthier & a bit more confident in my appearance.

Monday, I decided that this would be my day off as I felt hadnt really had a weekend, so I made a few cards. That afternoon I had a phone call saying Kai wasnt very well & was very upset that his stomach hurt so I went & got him. I was told he couldnt come back until thursday due to him having to "spend a bit of time on the loo". Soon as he was out of school he was absolutely fine, actually, he was a lil pain in the bum all the way home! So yay for him not feeling ill etc.

Tuesday & wednesday, with Kai at home it really felt like the weekend. We made cards together and I made one I was very pleased with (as usual, you'll get to see it next week :-) I even felt a little bit lost that I was making a roast.

Thursday, Kai back at school & my name had been pencilled in for me to be on a cookery course next term - I think they're getting the idea that I like these little courses. Its another course to do with Kai, this time after school so we're really looking forward to it. Everyones feeling a bit more positive at my OHs work due to several companies looking at buying it. Nothing is set in stone, & its barely more than whispers - I wish I could be less cryptic but the company is monitoring the internet & I dont want to make waves at the moment .... big brother is watching!!!!

Today, well today I got a lot of praise for the cards I'd made off the other ladies on the cardmaking course, which was lovely, though a bit embarrassing. We're starting to relax around each other now & chatting as a group

So a rather quiet week, but a very nice one as well. How has yours been?
If you fancy joining in pop on over to Celtic House & link up .... which is where I am off to now.


  1. What a lovely week K. Sorry that Kai wasn't well but good that he felt better and you had two weekends!! lol
    Well done too on the weight loss and the cardmaking..:)
    Have a good weekend.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. the cookery course sounds fun..:)

  2. Oh what a great post K, sorry that Kai wasn't well but glad that taking him out of that environment helped him recover LOL! Your mini courses sound fantastic, said 11 year old did a cookery course last year at school and had a fantastic time, so I'm sure the two of you will thoroughly enjoy that one. Glad you are growing in confidence in your card class too! And as for hubby's job - still keeping my fingers and toes crossed that all works out! I hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend and a very Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Sounds like a great week. I have my "slobbies" too, and now I have a name for them! Great to have the compliments on your cards. Try not to be embarassed (not easy I know) and just soak in the positive comments!

  4. We have slobbies - and already call them slobbies!! I can't wait to get into them when I get in from work or guests have left. COM-FEEEEEE!

    Keeping my fingers crossed about your OH's work.

    Your Kai's school is a bit bossy - he couldn't go back til Thursday??!! It's not like he'd been sick or anything. Still, a result for Kai especially as he wasn't actually unwell.

    Well done for the weight loss :o)

    I hope you enjoy your week, now go get those slobbies on ;o)


  5. wow what a good week! Looking forward to seeing the card as I do all your crafty creations! keeping my fingers crossed re the job situation xxx

  6. Glad you had a lovely week with 2 weekends! It's amazing how kids get so much better all of a sudden when you go to pick them up from the school!
    Your card and cookery courses sound great, I really miss family learning stuff at school.
    Hope you have a great week x

  7. glad to hear that your little one didn't stay poorly for long and that you have been enjoying making cards and getting heaps of praise for them :)

    have a great week!



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