Friday, 2 March 2012

Rocking My World Friday

Its that time of the week again & the first thing thats rocking my world is that I can write & POST this on my blog! Our internet & cable tv has been rather unreliable this week, seeing that its the week we get paid its been a tad annoying, so I'm rather glad I'm getting to post this now.

Card making course - I have joined a 10 week course, in an area I dont really know & with a group of people I have never met before (though I do know the teacher from the party crafts course Kai & I were doing). The ladies on it are lovely & very welcoming, many of them did the last cardmaking course that was held before, one has even done it every year since about 2001, including one I attended 7 years ago, she even recognised me :-)
I'm gaining lots of new ideas which I shall share with you soon (internet allowing).

Lost another 1.5lbs this week, not too sure how, must be because I've been sooooooooo busy because I've been a bit naughty on the eating front. This included a delicious pudding in the pub, cant remember the name but it was similar to tirumasu, mmmm, delicious. I'm now in size 12 tops, though size 12 bottoms are still a tad tight, at least I can do them up now though I wouldnt dream of going out in them.

Very proud of Kai for limping all the way to the top of the Wrekin & back down again with the rest of his year group, even though he'd bruised his heel & his shoe get putting pressure on it - He really wanted to go up the Wrekin.

Zack attended a rather cool Japanese introduction session at Uni, they got to do Origami, write their names in Japanese, have some Japanese food etc. I think it would be a rather handy language for him to take up in the future if he still wants to break into the games industry.

Some open careers advice from somebody in the profession

Another course started on Wednesday, this time its play with numbers. We're looking at how children learn maths in reception class. Our kids join us in the second hour so we can put what we've learnt into practice. only 3 people on this course who were very nice, tad nervous about next weeks as there will be more people, but if they're as nice as the others I should be fine.

I managed to catch another bus, my idea, to get Mom & myself back to our local shopping centre. Most of the buses stop there so I find it a good start to build my confidence up.

Its been a busy week & for the majority I've really enjoyed it.
So how has you're week been? Fancy joining us over at Celtic House to share your positives?


  1. Grrr to online connections, greta news that you've finally been able to post :o)

    Lovely up-beat post, BIG pat on the back for Kai for persevering with his goal even though he was suffering. And well done you with your travel achievements, boosting your confidence.

    I'm sure Japanese would be a fab language for Zack to master if he wants to muscle his way into the games industry - and he gets to eat Sushi :o)

    Size 12 top is brilliant, I'm sure the bottom will follow if your weight loss success is anything to go by.

    Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend.


  2. Well done on the weight loss ! I'm trying too but get unfocused very easily !

  3. Sounds like a great week for you. The japanese day at uni sounds like fun.
    Well done with the weight loss!
    Have a great week x

  4. Isn't it awful when your internet connection goes AWOL, I always feel like my right hand has been cut off when mine goes down!

    I hope that you continue to enjoy your card making course, sounds like fun

    So does the Japanese intro day that your son went on

    oh and well done on the continued weight loss, I think I'm gaining everything you're losing at the moment, must do something about it (she says, typing with one hand, chocolate tiffin bar in the other!!)

    have a great week :)

  5. I feel your pain re no internet access -this time last year I was without my laptop for four weeks.
    Well done on your weight loss and yay!! to size 12 tops..:)
    Love the sound of the Japanese day and your two courses. And well done to Kai for persevering.
    Hope your weekend is as upbeat as your week.
    Hug sxx



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