Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Just One Sketch - Minimise

I simplified my sketch, I only used 1 sheet of paper, some letter stickers & didnt even use any embellishments but opted to sketching.

The journalling reads....
"Zack will do anything to get out of tidying his room, especially putting his clothes away.
This includes sleeping under & over a big pile of clean clothes."

I like how this page has turned out, its a style I've never tried before, & the first time I've sketched anything onto a scrapbook page.


  1. I really like this minimalist approach - total focus on the photo - brilliant!
    Hugs xx

  2. I thought you had used stamps! Your sketching is really good! Hope all is well with you sending hugs xxx

  3. Fabulous page hun, loving the minimalistic style!

  4. Oh, that is just wonderful K! It's great and I love the "minimal" look of it. The journalling/ subject made me laugh too. I remember not being able to tidy up when I was Zack's age. In fact, a big mess still tends to render me incapable - I just get confused and don't know where to start. At least now, though, I know some strategies to tackle it!
    Poor old Zack! Great photo of him asleep though (something to embarrass him with in a few years' time!)



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