Monday, 12 March 2012

12 goals for 2012 - 2nd update

So how did the past month go in relation to my goals? (to see my goals please check out my post HERE)
1. Lose weight
1.5 more lbs & I will have lost 10% of my original weight. So far this year I have lost 12.5lbs.

2. Exercise
I have worked my backside off with doing things such as housework & walking, I am feeling a bit fitter & am starting to show definition on my calf muscles & torso. I do want to get back into regular, set exercise so I shall push to do that this month

3. Get ebaying & 4.Clear my roof
Havent done very well on this, Must try harder.

5 & 6. Scrapbooking
I have really got into cardmaking again this month after a long, inspiration-less break so this has taken up some of my scrapbooking time, though I have made a couple. Need to find a healthy balance.

7. Blogging.
Every week, yes, every week I have blogged, yay, go me

8.Out & About.
Party crafts has unfortunately finished but I have started a cardmaking course a bit further away from home, twas a tad nerve racking but its full of lovely women. I also started a "playing with numbers" family learning course at the school, unfortunately that was cancelled after 2 sessions as there were not enough attendees.
I also went to a new group today which was very full, very nerve racking & we also turned up late (aghhhhhhhh), but I dealt with it, yay!

9. Career
I have spoken to a lady who teaches crafts & she gave me the pro's & cons of the job. She's also going to find out if I can do a bit of work experience with her to see if I like the job or not. I have been advised to contact her bosses to see what qualifications the job role requires though she thinks it might just be a teaching qualification. All things to look into.

10. Cards
I have quite a nice lil stash pile of cards building up :-)

11. Extra income
Need to put another "Must try harder" here.

12. Debt Free
Still concentrating on clearing my catalogue bill though I can see the light at the end of that tunnel. Unfortunately, with my other half's job in jeopardy, my plans may be scuppered.

All in all I've basically done either very well or not at all, this month I'll try & get an even balance.


  1. I think you're doing amazingly well, K! It's great that you have been "brave" and not only gone to new courses, but even asked about how you yourself can teach crafts - I admire you very much for your determination and courage!!

    I teach crafting courses now - so far two one-day courses at my son's Saturday club (8-14 yrs) and two one-day workshops at the local quilting/sewing shop, where they have various things going on in their classroom at the back. I don't have a teaching qualification, just practical knowledge of my subjects (sewing & needlework - sock-pet making!!, and book-binding), plus experience of teaching at work (a long time ago) and helping in the classroom at my son's school, until he moved on at age 9. I went in twice a week for 5 years and helped various teachers, with both the general stuff - 3 R's etc - and also art and DT lessons.
    I asked about teaching at Frontiers Club - and was very encouraged to be given the chance to do it!; the shop invited me to teach a book-binding course, then asked if I would do some other stuff. I'm due to do my 3rd workshop on May 5th...

    So, it's possible to teach, without having a qualification.
    I wonder, would it be worth your looking into a "Stampin' Up" distributor job? You may have to buy some kit up-front, so you can demonstrate things. It involves going to peoples' homes and meeting new folks, then showing them some of the products, talking a bit about the catalogue, demonstrating and supporting a project (we made a pretty card at the one I went to). I enjoyed the "party" at a friend's house and she got enough sales for a present from the catalogue. You might be able to organise your working schedule, so you could do most of your demo parties during the day? Certainly worth thinking about, even if you don't decide to do it yet. I just thought it might enable to you to try a bit of teaching, but also make some income...

    Another idea, if you could find time, is to look into helping in school, as a volunteer, once or twice a week. It would give you a little bit of experience and build your confidence in a classroom (it worked for me!).

    I so agree that a teaching qualification is a very useful and valuable thing - not to be sniffed at! But you may be able to do stuff in the more immediate future, that would help the income situation, while you find out about and study for a qualification.

    I wish you luck with the Goals. I didn't set any, but am trying to do so now - I really need to lose some weight and get fitter, so I'm tackling that and trying to be disciplined about it ("But I like the cookie..." as a certain Squirrel would say...). Also, I'm being sterner with myself about Studio Time and Housework!! A long way to go, before I'm organised though, so no danger of me becoming a Model Citizen in the near future...

    I hope the job situation improves. It is not at all nice, to sit and worry about whether you will lose your job.. even less nice if it then happens. I wish you both luck!!

  2. You set yourself some difficult goals K and I think you're doing wonderfully - concentrate on the positives!
    I know the feeling of other half's job being in jeopardy...not much either of us can do about that unfortunately...just deal if the worst happens.
    Hugs xx

  3. Some great achievements there K - don't worry too much about the teaching qualification - can't really see the need for that, if you know your stuff all you need is to be able to explain/demo how your pupils can do the same! Keep an eye on things from their point of view and it's relatively easy!

    Heard the Game news on the radio today and thought of you - fingers crossed!

  4. Well done you on keeping your eye on the goal. Said that the numbers course was cancelled and will keep fingers and toes crossed that hubbies job becomes safe for you - such difficult times for families at the moment!




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