Thursday, 19 July 2012

Cardmaking: Playing with Inks

On the last lesson of the Cardmaking course I learnt a new technique that I now LOVE.
We stamped 3 distress ink pads onto a place-mat (literally, the ones you have at the dinner table, plastic front, wipe clean, with a foam backing), then sprayed with a small amount of water. Onto this I placed little squares of paper to take up a bit of the ink & then dried with an iron (we were using the encaustic iron). Once dry I stamped little images onto each square & mounted onto stamp style punched black squares before affixing to the card.

I then thought BIGGER & did the same technique but used a sheet of A4 card. It gave me plenty of room for larger stamps & to pick & choose where the pattern was most suitable.
 Same stamp used twice.
I loved the stamp on the left & by careful positioning I managed to get reddish flowers whereas the watches & writing were on a vintagey brown.
I ended up with a few toppers for making cards
& some bits of card to use with my own stamps. Can you see the lines? These were created by the ridges on the mat collecting the ink a bit more, I think it gave a great effect.


  1. Lovely technique - think I'd have to buy an old mat to use though - Craig already shudders if I'm just up the table with my paints - imagine me spritzing the mats? Hyperventilate he would!

  2. OOh, liking this technique. I've read that some people use the brown Kraft mats that you can get. You wouldn't get those interesting ridges on them though. Love your choice of stamps too K.

  3. Ooooh amazing technique - love it!



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