Saturday, 21 July 2012

Summer Holiday Activities

Honestly it is!!! Or at least its the start of the Summer Holidays.Yet again I've been compiling a list of activities for the kids to do when they're bored. Every weekend I'll give you a breakdown of what I've been upto with them over the previous week. Some weeks will be busier than others as I believe some of the time kids need to do their own thing & think up their own activities, to strengthen their independence and imagination (and lets face it, to give me a break ;)

Kai is 5 and Zack is 13 so there will be some activities they'll do together, some with Zack helping Kai to do, and other times they'll have different activities to suit their age and personalities. We'll also have the odd day out.

To get you started HERE's my list from last year, HERE's my pinterest kids activities board and HERE is any other post involving summer & my kiddies winkles.

A few of you have joined in & know the routine but for those of you who havent ... If you have any blog posts on kids activities, or pinterest board, or just know of any, I would really love it if you could link them up in the comments so that together we can keep our children amused this summer holiday.

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