Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Scrapbooking: A Paper Pieced Iphone

I wanted to record some of the pictures Kai had done on my first iphone on a page. I pondered for ages how I might do it, and came up with the idea of "on an iphone!"

Apart from the background sheet & the photos, all of this page is made out of scraps.

I have a big, overflowing wallet of scraps.

I started off with the 2 larger pictures and decided they could be Apps on a giant iphone. I cut the square, rounded the corners & stuck them onto a black piece of card before adding rub-on "app" names below. From here I made the corner of a giant iphone, including the battery icon & silver edge.

I then decided to have the other picture showing in an iphone as it would actual show up in the photos app. Being a pain in the backside to myself I measured the picture & decided the phone would have to be 1.5 times a normal iphone. Sometimes my brain drives me crazy because I then had to measure everything & work it all out so it would be in proportion. It really was a pain in the bum but well worth it.
For the journalling I wrote it in Notes on my current iphone & took a screen shot before uploading to my computer & printing it out. This is a technique I can see myself using in the future for journalling.
I also printed out an apple logo onto the backing card but this is almost unnoticeable with the iphone over it.
Once everything was stuck down I used a combination of white & black letters for the title so that not only does it read "Kai Learns" but also has"iLearn" in it.

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