Sunday, 8 July 2012

Scrapbooking: Primary School Prom

Definitely a BOYS prom page, no delicateness here. I started with the blue background to match the backdrop in the photos but felt that this also washed the photos out so added a contrasting colour, a bright orangey red with green & black splatters on it. Now the green looked out of place so I added green "tabs" for the journalling and names which was done with little stickers. The word PROM is also in green, though it looks yellow here, blame it on my camera skills ;)

To bring the bring it all together I added a disco ball, and the tickets in the corners, finishing off with a black swirly stamp and then white with the same stamp on the bottom left corner to soften it slightly.


  1. Fabulous stuff hun - loving it!

  2. another great Lo did u make your disco ball? I bet you did as you are so inventive and creative. Hope you are well xxx



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