Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Jubilee Buffet

With all that Scrapbooking going on I clean forgot to show you guys my Jubilee table!!
Basically it was an excuse for some decorating fun & trying some new recipes.
Its also quite shocking that my old cat actually stayed under the table, I'd been keeping the door shut but opened it for a moment to get a bit more light in the room. My cats aren't allowed in the kitchen while foods out as they are total menaces usually ... including opening sealed bags of bread before its even defrosted!

My cake stand, do you recognise the pattern on the stand? Its the Papermania Portobello road range. I covered the cake stand in it & then used sticky back plastic over it so its wipe clean & re-useable.
The top layer is Red velvet cakes with blue cream cheese butter icing.
2nd layer are mini victorian sponge cakes
Bottom layer are Scones, with cream & jam on the table to be added as people wanted it (stops the scones going soggy & made it easier to store any are left over, & for longer)
On either side you will see Trifle Jars, mmmmmmm, trifle jars. Instead of sponge fingers I used a slice of sponge roll in each, then traditional strawberry jelly, custard & cream whip. Being in the jars meant they kept in the fridge for a week without any problems (they were freshly made on the day of the photo)
Bottom left of the photo are Oreo cake pops, coated in white chocolate
Bottom right are bought mini pork pies (yes I cheated a lil, lol)

A battenburg, that looked very patriotic, maybe I should have used strawberry jam, isn't hindsight a wonderful thing.
Coronation Chicken.

Triple Cucumber & Herb Sarnies.
A modern version of a traditionally british sarnie. 3 layers of white bread with cream cheese mixed with mint spread inbetween and cucumber. Of course the crusts had to be trimmed off as well.
Savoury Scones
Oh my word these were moreish! Basically a savoury scone with cheeses, bacon & spring onions in the mix. I expected them to be quite dry but they werent, they could be eaten as they were but the serving suggestion was a slice of cheese & a bit of sweet pickle.

Ry made some ham, lettuce & tomatoe rolls for me, & I bought a few simple finger foods as well.

Being a rainy day, what did we end up doing?

playing video games of course! **head palm** Some things just don't change in this house.

I recreated the spread again the next day & added salad as well as a few other changes for my Mom to come over for Jubilee Celebrations.


  1. Why wasn't I invited???? lol amazing spread.
    Hugs xx

  2. I've only just spotted this post, well done you! A fantabulous display! And so delightfully British. It was such a shame the weather was so blooming it still is!



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