Sunday, 15 July 2012

Scrapbooking: CMH Recipe

Hannahs recipe challenge for Challenge Me Happys Anniversary was...
1 stamped image
2 staples
3 cardstock
4 words in title
5 patterned papers
6 stickers
You may remember the title from THIS blog post (sharing on blogs comes in so handy like this, I barely had to think of the journalling & title as it was all there written for me (by me))

So we have...
1 stamped image (leaf in the top left corner)
2 staples (holding the punched card on in the top right corner)
3 cardstock (background sheet, & 2 pieces in top right corner)
4 words in title (squirrels, robins, ponies, dinosaurs)
5 patterned papers (behind the photos, with journalling on, behind the "4", strip under the journalling, robin on cage & leaves cut from patterned paper)
6 stickers (squirrel, dinosaur, pony, 3 leaves)

Later on Kai added his own mark (grrrrr) under the 1, I'm sure in the future I wont mind in the slightest but after the hardwork I put in I was not impressed & had a quiet word with him about "graffitti" & how he would be upset if someone drew on his work.

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