Friday, 20 July 2012

End of the School Year

Kai and I worked together to make cards for his teacher and teaching assistant who have been lovely to both of us this year.
The idea was from addINKtive designs, the tutorial is HERE.

I made the card base with Kai choosing the colours of card etc.

I then cut out the butterfly to go on top & let Kai loose with paint, sequins & glitter

Once all was dry he went over the top with a clear(ish) mica glitter to make it all sparkle while letting the colours shine through.

Both cards look significantly different...
and very shiney.

Much to my surprise I also received not one....

....but 2 cards and a special olympic tin of biccies, yum yum! They were as a thank you for helping out each week at the school (most of the time its great fun, we had to check jigsaws for missing pieces on one occasion, so we sat & played with jigsaws. On other occasions we've painted props for plays.) & for helping out on school trips. A total surprise and its nice to be appreciated.


  1. Ah bless, loving the cards, we too did the teachers gifts, I left them far too late!

  2. Aw how lovely firstly to sit and do these gorgeous cards with Kai but also for the appreciation too :)

  3. Gorgeous cards - something really special (especially as Kai had a hand in them).



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