Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Handmade Hedgehog costume.

The school put in their weekly newsletter on monday that on friday Kai's year could dress up as either a fairy, a hobgoblin or some other magical creature in connection to them learning about A Midsummer Nights Dream.
I discussed it with Kai, who wasn't in the mood to dress up as anything so I suggested we pack his dinosaur all in one which could slip over his school clothes if he felt like it (it easily passes as a dragon).
On wednesday there was a notice put on the class doors saying that they could dress up as Fairies, hobgoblins or WOODLAND CREATURES, so once again I discussed it with Kai, this time he wanted to be a robin.
A Robin right, so he would need a red tummy, a beak, brown clothes & wings that wouldnt get ripped. The following day I popped up the shops & grabbed a brown fleece blanket from primark to turn into wings & feathers.
On the way home Kai states he wants to be a hedgehog, luckily I hadnt had chance to start sewing by then.
Hmmm, a hedgehog ... I could smell of burning as the gears slowly began to move in my mind.

I cut the blanket into a sports bib shape and checked it would fit over Kai's head.
Then I began cutting layer after layer of zigzags out of the remaining blanket before attaching these onto the back.
I also made 2 small ears & attached to hair clips that would be hidden underneath, & a cone nose, covered in the brown fleece & a black felt tip.

Kai's hair was spiked & he decided he didnt like wearing the ears but he was very happy with his costume.
Being a very chilly day I had to put a jumper on him which didnt go as well as the brown T-shirt underneath, but rather that than be cold.
Finally he wanted to add his own touch..........
But I told him there was no way he was going to school in my brand new, 4" high boots!!!!


  1. ahh bless! look at those boots! great costume mum!! :) the story about the christmas crackers made me laugh so much!

  2. Nice one K - what great adaptability you showed (and when he next needs a robin costume, turn the hedgehog top inside out and back to front and add a red tummy panel) :o)

  3. Fabulous!! Wonderful costume..and the boots just add that final
    Hugs xx

  4. The boy has style! (like his mum)
    That's a fabulous costume - especially considering you rustled it up on-the-fly, after changes of mind and normal boyish reluctance. Very good - I am sure Kai felt great!

  5. Well done for the quick thinking on the costume change! He looks fantastic. Schools don't give much notice about these things do they? x



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