Saturday, 25 February 2012

Party Crafts - party hats

This week we were making party hats, I chose to set up a crown for Kai to decorate, a wall paper band with triangular card fastened.

I wanted a hat as well, normally I'd probably make a small top hat but with limited time I went for a tiara.
Simply a tiara shaped piece of card stuck to a headband.
Kai arrived & decorated his, while I decorated mine 

 Us in our crowns, His majesty King Kai, King of the Ben 10 flats & lego lands, & Queen K, Queen of the bright hairs.


  1. i will be inviting you to make the crowns for my 50th K xxxxx

  2. Oh hun you both look fabulous, I love your hair it looks gorgeous and the tiara is ace! Glad you and Kai had such fun creating

    Much love

  3. Wow Cool! The tiara suits you very well - you should wear one all the time! And Kai looks so special in his great crown.
    What fun!



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