Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Just one sketch - Mirror image

 I quite like mirror imaging a sketch for a 2 page layout.
I rotated my original sketch, used it & then mirrored it for the second page.

My apologise about the awful photos of my layout, it just didnt want to reflect its true colours even when played with in photoshop. (I have omitted a couple of place names from the journalling purely for privacy reasons)

The background is a pale yellow with a slightly darker yellow writing over it & a smaller amount of pink writing. The sheet on top is plain vellum so you can still see the writing through, though it is very pale.
I used arrows to give the feeling of movement as well as draw attention to certain areas of the page. Also to bring colour into it.


  1. Love it! Cool photos of Zack and Kai. Great use of vellum and the arrows are the perfect touch.
    Hugs xx

  2. Gorgeous layouts - loving the mirror quality!

  3. Those arrows are brilliant and really pull your eye across the page ...



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