Monday, 6 February 2012

Party Crafts - Decorations

The S fell off from Kai's original name plaque & as of yet hasn't been replaced
Kai & I had great fun making this banner. The yellow jungle paper wrapping paper cut out with nesties. I also cut out the parrot & elephant from the wrapping paper to use as well. The largest triangle nestie wasnt large enough for what we wanted so these were measured & cut out to size. The letters were stamped and Kai coloured them in before I cut them out & they were stuck on. Finally we threaded the curling ribbon through holes we'd punched. I think I've finally got the banner bug!

Cup hugger
These cupholders can be used with a drinks cup using a straw to actually drink from it, or on pen holder etc.
These were so simpe to make but very cute. Lynne had a biiiiiiiiig die cutter at home to cut the body shape, which we then drew around head templates and created our characters. Kai thoroughly enjoyed colouring his in & putting it together.
I chopped the thumbs off mine coz, well, elephants dont have thumbs! & applied circular stickers for its nails.

Card Holder
Using the another on of the body die cuts as we had used on the cup hugger we made card holders. We stuck 3 envelopes together, the flap behind the one above. In the top one we slipped in the die cut body & stuck it down. Finally we stamped some letters onto punched out flowers to spell out KAI & attached them.
Cards can now be slipped inside to show them off, Kai actually uses his to keep his spelling cards in.
Once we got home Kai wanted me to decorate his a bit more, so here is its makeover...
I also made my own...

Heres' a close up so you can get the idea of it a bit easier
There are 12 envelopes, each one has a letter of a month on it, on the right are the birthdays/celebrations in that month. I plan to make cards in advance & slip them in the pockets all ready. The colours match the ones that my kitchen will be & it hangs on the back of the kitchen door below my calendar. When the doors open it cant be seen, and usually its only me whose ever in the room when the doors shut so no-one will be getting a sneak peek at their cards ;-)

3 party craft lessons over & only 2 more left, monday mornings shall be a whole lot emptier & tougher once we finish :-(


  1. Those cupholders are very sweet, and the envelope/card holder is very ingenious!

  2. Am liking that card-holder a lot - a great way to get organised!

  3. Absolutely fantastic things again! Loving the Kai banner - brilliant stuff, also loving the card holder - what a fantastic idea!



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