Friday, 10 February 2012

Rocking My World Friday

First off has got to be my barginous new toy

Its second hand but that doesnt matter to me, I have a new toy!!! The Big shot express I mean, not the cat ;-)  I bought it to mainly use nesties & embossing folders in, I've really been wanting to try them out. Well I've bought a set of nesties & am now broke, so if anyone has any unloved, FREE nesties or embossing folders you know where to send them, lol... if you need a reason then I have a birthday in May ;-p

I CAUGHT a BUS!!!! Yes, ladies & gentlemen, this silly pink haired person actually managed to get onto public transport. its the getting off that I have most problems with, or rather knowing when to ring the bell & where to get off so minor panic attacks as we got closer to our destination but everything was ok. I say We as Zacks was with me, kind of, he wasnt going to sit by his weird ol' Mum on the bus so sat on the seat right behind the driver away from me, lol. On the way back I was fine, all the buses end up at the Town Shopping Centre so no need to ring the bell or anything.

We caught the bus to Zacks school for his parents interview, i.e I get to hear how he's getting on. Bloomin' Marvellous, thats how he's getting on, improving nicely in all subjects, joining in, confident (yes, he is actually related to me & not adopted ;-) His tutor (whose also his Maths teacher so she's got to luv himseeing he works at Gcse level already) has given him a nickname "The Dictionary", if she needs a word defining she turns to Zack. He had a bit of a problem with one of the lads but thats been cleared up very quickly since I spoke to his Tutor. I think she's definitely a credit to the school.

Today I have both kiddies at home as we're all poorly :-( This is kind of a positive though as we're in high spirits (Its the start of the holls, yay!!!). When I'm ill I'll do what housework I can & then say "blow it" to the rest & relax or craft (almost 1 & the same). Yesterday I got 2 cards made & today I plan to scrapbook.

We had snow! not last night, just freezing rain last night, but last weekend we did get a small amount & Kai certainly took advantage of it.
There wasnt enough to make a snowman so he filled up his bucket & made a snow castle instead .. but first snow angels were needed :-)

So whats been rocking your world this week, come & join us over at Celtic House


  1. Ooh have fun with your new toy.....and hope everyone feels better soon :)

  2. What a wonderfully upbeat way to start my Friday morning blog catch up - I feel invigorated just reading about your bus journey (virtual adrenaline rush?) and Zack's great progress! Get well soon all!

  3. Yay - a new toy! Do they come with the pink heart on or did you add that bit?

    And pink hair? cool - let's see!

    Well done on the bus journey - I used to suffer a lot from anxiety so I know how much of a big deal that must have been

    PS I love the hedgehog costume from a couple of posts back :)

  4. Busting out the pom poms and doing virtual star jumps at the bus story :D They have to be virtual jumps as if I tried in reality I'd be laying on the floor groaning 'the pain, the pain' but the thought is there :D

    Love the snow angel and the school report. Isn't it amazing when you have a teacher you feel is doing their best? Well done Zack :D

    Have a great week K!

  5. LOVE the hair :)

    My go to colour back in the day was Directions plum, a gorgeous bright purple. But I have been known to go pink, or blue, or green, or one rather regrettable time, half bright yellow and half bright orange (kind of Cruella de Ville stylee :) ) - it looked great the day I did it, but then as it faded out it just looked kind of nasty and nicotine stained, which was not nice, especially as I didn't even smoke :)

    Here's me in a pink phase:

    ah those were the days... have to be boring and conventional for work nowadays :(

  6. What a lovely week of positives...snow angels, bus journeys and cracking school reports. Sorry you're all not well but love that you even see the positives in that.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  7. p.s. well done on the new machine. If you give me your snail mail address I do have some embossing folders for you..:)
    Hugs xx

  8. Oh I feel all upbeat reading that - hurray for new toys - now that I like! Hurray for snow angels too!

    Well done you on managing to do the bus journey - I soooooooooo know what you mean on this - I was on the tram the other day and didn't want to miss my stop so got up far too early - you could see everyone else who got off the tram after me thinkin - crazy lady - why did she get up so early LOL!

    Sorry that you're all poorly but hurray for seeing the positives - some crafting what could be better.


  9. Fantastically fun photo of little one in snow:D And well done you with public transport...I have been known to walk miles rather than get on a bus lol :D XXX

  10. I just love my bigshot its sure to become your new best friend! Fabulous list - Hope you all get better soon x

  11. Glad you have time to play! and hoping all are recovered soon ...

  12. This is a lovely post! Well done you, exciting new toy and going on the bus and well done to the pink-haired-offspring ;)

  13. A bus adventure! I haven't been on a bus in years! Honestly I don't even know what they cost now. I love adventure in everyday life.



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