Thursday, 9 February 2012

Party Crafts - Cards & Invites

We made 3 cards this week in Party Crafts
This is the "rocking card", quite simply a circular piece of card folded in half and decorated. Can you tell Kai likes sticky gems?

This is my favourite, the cupcake easel card. I crimped the paper to form the cupcake case, I thought it made it a little bit more cupcake like - & Lynne (our teacher) is nicking the idea to use again **polishes her crafty halo & sits smuggly**. & of course we needed sticky gems on it ;-)
You shall be seeing more of these when I make them as I think its a lovely card to make.

This party invite I made in the hour before the kids came into the room (along with preparation for the other cards.
As you can see it splits into 3. The holder, made from 2 cards, stuck together at the back & cut diagonally from the creases so when they are closed they look as pictured. On the back is stuck a strip of magnetic tape so it can be stuck to the fridge & therefore easier to find.

The actual invite, printed off & stuck to a coordinating piece of card - note to self, read invites before sticking down, this one says HER party, well I suppose it could be for me :-)
I also added a loop of ribbon so its easier to pull out.

Lastly, the image, stuck onto circular card & acts as the rsvp. There is a paperclip attached to the back so it can fasten to the holder.

Due to the half term holidays we get a bit of a break now from party crafts, but have been told we have 2 more lessons left after half term, woohoo!

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