Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Just one sketch: Rotate & Monochrome

For my rainy picture I wanted colours that gave the feel of rain, went on Design Seeds & found this...
I mentally made the colours slightly bluer, and rotated my original sketch to come up with this page.....

I added rain droplets onto a sheet of blue card, using glossy accents, I also cut 3 rain drops from the same card and glossy accented that as well.

I made wellies from card, and used a foam umbrella for the page.
The photo was mounted onto fawn brazzil which brought out the colour of Kai's face & his coat, firmly making him the feature of the photo.
I chose the colour of the letters of the title to blend in with the brown mount. This way the main word (jumping) shows up against the blue but the rest (in the rain), less important writing, blends in more.

I really like how the colours worked on this page & shall be using Design Seeds again to help choose colours another time.


  1. I love it K!!
    Great colour combo and I love your raindrops and other accents.
    The photo is cool - Kai is having so much fun.
    Hugs xx

  2. Yay what a cool page - and what a great colour-scheme.
    I love how you have made the raindrops and the welly boots.
    Kai looks so happy in the photo, jumping up and down in the rain.

  3. Love the GA raindrops - very effective. What a great memory, captured beautifully!



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