Friday, 17 February 2012

Rocking My World Friday

Hi guys **enthusiastic wave**

If I ignore myself coughing & causing sleep deprivation this week has been pretty damn good.
Actually, one lovely lady has made my month with her generosity. I shall not mention names as I am always a lil bit paranoid that someone will take it upon themselves to take advantage of these people's generosity but
I'm sure a few of you will guess who I am on about. She kindly offered to send me some embossing folders. I was delighted & thinking I'd receive a couple of little cuttlebug embossing folders, oh no, this lady sent me some of the large ones that I've been drooling over, a few small ones & some thin long ones as well - this was among others & a beautiful handmade tag. I am OVER the moon, & probably a few planets as well with what she has sent me & am planning on using them this long weekend (I'm counting today as the first day of my weekend ;-)  So if you need me you'll find me at my craft table in the kitchen. I have said it before & YES I will say it again, crafters are the loveliest of people
Thank you darlin' xx

I was putting my make up on & Kai says to me "you look pretty now Mommy"
Me: Oh, so I didnt before, gee thanks! (In my humorous, mock sarcasm voice)
Kai: You always look pretty Mommy!
Isnt he sweet!

Another 1.5lbs lost, yay! (weight loss blog is HERE)

Ryan got me an ipod nano so that I can start jogging again when I feel upto it. It was my Non-valentines day present, lol. Neither of us like the commercialism of valentines day but we do see it as a day to set aside time in the evening to have a meal together (HE had homemade battered fish & chips while I had a pitta pizza & salad) and curl up in front of a movie.

I've had a bit of time to get some crafting done, which always helps relax & soothe me.

A lovely day playing with my nieces, and we even had a Maccy Ds :-)

So what positives have been happening in your world this week? Come on over to Celtic House & let us know.


  1. Oh Sweetie, apart from your nasty cold/cough you sound like you've had a great week! And a know that lady in question very well - the biggest heart - quite honestly. I received a gift from her before Christmas which was a complete surprise and honestly have had the most fun with it, it's amazing how much fun you can have with things that weren't yours initially - they sparked all sorts of creativity I can tell you - so big hip hip hurray for that lovely lady!

    Loving the Mummy quote too - don't they say the most amazing things!

    Also loving your non-valentine day gift and curling up on the sofa with a good movie sounds like an awesome valentine's day to me.

    Hope your crafting today goes really well - please show us what you made.

    Will check our your weight loss blog shortly.


  2. Apart from your cough/cold a lovely list of gratefuls K.
    Valentine's Day evening sounds perfect to me and Kai is so sweet..I love little boys...well, mine isn't so little any more, but you know what I mean!
    Have fun today and please do show us what you create.
    Hugs xx

  3. I hope your cough gets better soon, its no fun with all these nasty bugs about is it?! What a lovely generous gift from your friend, it sounds like you are going to get a lot of fun out of them!
    The mummy quote is so cute!
    It sounds like you had a great non valentines day with the ipod gift and a lovely meal together.
    Hope you have a great week x

  4. Blah, for the cough, but Yay for the good week!
    How lovely to have such a great present. What a kind person.
    Kids say lovely things, don't they. XX
    Have a great weekend! X

  5. Those gifts must have given you such a lift - which will have been exactly what your crafting friend had in mind, of course. I hope you feel better soon.

    Kai's learning early the way to a girl's heart :o)

    Well done for losing that 1.5lbs, it's going in the right direction - OFF!

    Valentines night sounds perfect (as do both meals, yum).

    Have a great weekend, I hope you get to do some crafting!


  6. What a fabulous week K, enjoy playing with your goodies :D

    Hope the cough and cold clear up soon, I've had a weird sneezing one. Just could NOT stop sneezing - never had a cold like it, has diminished to just the sniffles now but was weird! I would freeze and Ruby would duck or hold a book up in front of her face, knowing what was coming LOL! Poor thing.

    Have a lovely week K - well done on the weight loss too! x x x

  7. Hope you feel better soon. We did go out for Valentine's day as it's my birthday too. We had an awful meal so wish we hadn't now !
    My teenage son was looking through an old photo album & said, " Oh you were pretty mum "
    Lovely to receive the crafting things - enjoy !

  8. I know what you mean about Valentines. I'm way more pragmatic than my hubby. I can't see going out to eat on a night when they usually reduce the menu and jack up the prices. On top of that it's crowded. On the good side, the people watching is great!

    Have fun at the kitchen crafting table this weekend with your new goodies. I hope to get there too!

  9. hooray for generous friends and complimentary children :)

    I hope you feel better soon



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