Thursday, 16 February 2012

Just One Sketch - Inverting the colours

I usually use pale colours to compliment anything vivid, or black backgrounds, bright colours kinda scare me.
So I gave facing my fears a go..
Normally I'd pale off the bright yellow with a pale background, so this time I went for a bright pinkish red, & decorated with reds & yellows. I even added a BRIGHT green, pink & yellow rub on, & then put red lettering over the top.

The colours match the ones in the picture nicely, drawing out the red & yellow of the paint & Kaidy's top, while complementing the blues in the image as well.

So maybe bright colours, especially yellow isnt so scary after all. And its something else to add to my own lil Month of Sunrays - talking about a month of sunrays I dont own a single garment of clothing in yellow, & not even a yellow ribbon to tie in my hair :-O Shall definitely have to think a bit more about how I might get yellow into my wardrobe without buying anything, it is now a challenge for me!


  1. Yay for bright colours. Having met you, you don't strike me as a pale colour kinda person. And remind me, what colour is your hair??????
    Totally with you on yellow in the wardrobe. I own two items - both bought by my mother. Oh and a black and white skirt which has some yellow in it.
    I've been on a colour course - I'm a winter. I have a blue/pink complexion and yellow does not suit me. I can live with that!

  2. Lol, I usually go for a total lack of colour Julie, black, white & greys, sometimes a bit if red or purple, unless I'm crafting when I tend to go for pastels (ewww, I really dont like the thought that I'm a pastel person).
    As for my hair, I dont like pink anywhere else except in my hair, lol.

    Pink suits my facial colouring, green tends not to ... I used to own a yellow checkered blouse that suited me but I suppose changing hair colour must have an impact on what suits us.

  3. This is a gorgeous layout you should try more of these brighter layouts. Love the finger painting picture - brilliant!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful LO. The colours are perfect for that photo..and I love the handprint.
    I don't get to use much pink (mainly boys in the family) and yellow is not a favourite of mine.
    Hugs xx



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