Friday, 24 February 2012

Rocking My World Friday

This week really has been one of ups & downs (mainly due to my social anxiety sending me not only very agoraphobic but making me want to hide in my bedroom & craft, oh dear, not a good day)

The weekend was spent making cards, which was lovely. You can see what I made here & here.

Monday morning Kai & I enjoyed Party Crafts .... you'll see more about this tomorrow, he was so pleased with his make that he didn't want me to take it home, he took it straight back to his class with him :-)

Tuesday morning & I had CHOSEN to wake up happy I took amusement from the small things in life, such as talking to one of the Moms like I'd happily die my 13year olds hair any colour he wanted, along with giving him piercings & tattoos - it was all said tongue in cheek but I'm not sure if she got that or not, either way Zack is currently dead against all 3 of these and I deem him too young for piercings, tattoos & being in school term against the rules to die his hair unnatural colours. Haha, I'm probably seen as an irresponsible parent now by anyone who over heard & took it seriously. I think by the time we got onto talking about whether babies should have their ears pierced or not she most certainly realised I was kidding. She said she didnt see the need of putting a baby through unnecessary pain by having its ears pierced, I agreed adding "well yes, especially when having your eyebrow hurts less!!!"

On the way to get Kai that day there were a group of lads in their mid-twenties, obviously having finished their community service for the day & waiting for to get on their mini-bus, waiting right in the carpark I usually walk through. It was obvious that most people going to the school were avoiding this short-cut but I thought "oh sod it! I'm not having a group of thugs or criminals stopping me walking my usual route". I kept my distance from them but walked past to the noise of wolf whistles & kissing sounds, someone even asked if I was Morpheous, I lifted a single eyebrow but kept walking thinking "yes, Morpheous was a Caucasian female with pink hair!" but bit my cheek to avoid opening my mouth which in turn would no doubt lead to a torraid of abuse - the lad obviously didnt know his movies very well as my leather coat is a Blade reproduction.
I guess I should take the cat calling as a compliment but I much prefered the little lads comment who walked past me a few minutes later (he was about 3 years old) "Mommy, she looks different; different is good Mommy, I like her different". That certainly put a smile on my face.

Wednesday I tried out new recipes for tea, stuffed portebello muchrooms & chicken portions cooked in white wine, and what Rocked my world is that EVERYONE ate it & EVERYONE enjoyed it !!!! this is not something that happens in my house very often.

Thursday I had a weightloss of 1/2lb, I was happy with this due to only just finally feeling like I can exercise without coughing & spluttering everywhere, so thats my mission for next week, exercise. I also won a raffle so I could help myself to £5 of stock from a little stall that sells health bars etc, mmmm, very nice.

Come join in with us with our quest for positives over at Celtic House.


  1. Oh Sweetie, that's a great list of positives for the week and glad you've managed to prize them out of the not so positives that have obviously given you issues this week. Obviously the lads all stood waiting to go home wouldn't have been quite so brazen if they had been on their own, this is the key thing they obviously only feel secure enough in their group to make comment not when singled out and they probably knew that being stood where they were was going to prove intimidating to those that frequented the same route, good for you showing them that you weren't intimidated! I love the 3 year olds statement about you - awesome stuff - if only people could keep this fresh attitude as they grow older. My brother and sister have both suffered verbal abuse at times over the number of piercings and tattoos that they have and I'm always amazed that someone feels they have the right to comment!!! Can't wait to see what your youngest made to take back to class with him!

    Hope you have a great weekend and don't feel the need to completely hibernate this weekend. Hugs as always

  2. I too love the comment from the little three year old....I wish this childlike innocence lasted..sadly school and society take it away far too soon.
    Pleased you managed some positives in what was obviously a difficult week.
    Have a great weekend.
    Big hugs xx

  3. Yay! This sounds like a pretty good week, on the whole. Sorry about the wanting to hide bit - I can relate to that - but then you had the courage to walk past that group of lads and not get upset by their silliness.
    What a cute thing that little boy said - and he's so right "Different is good" (well, usually... I can think of a few "not so good differents" but only if they do harm to others).
    So now you're the "crazy mum who lets her kids have earrings and green hair"! Ooops! Hopefully anyone who heard you would have realised you were joking... It's funny that your son doesn't want to bother with all that anyway. You know, he might turn out to be a stock-broker, in a black suit and a tie... (!!!)
    I will come back and see what you both made in your class - it sounds lovely!
    Have a great weekend and a lovely "next week" too! XXX

  4. I love what the 3yr old said about you, how positive and uplifting, out of the mouths of babes heh?!
    Good for you for not being intimidated, I hate approaching crowds like that. I love the cards on your blog from your previous posts as well.
    Hope you have a great week x

  5. I hide sometimes too. I've just been thinking how smug & self congratulating we can sound at times- but the real us ???
    My husband had an idiot comment made to him on his way home tonight. He handled it so well - far better than I would have done !
    So glad we can Blog about the good and bad things that make up our week. Hope you have a good weekend xx



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