Friday, 11 February 2011

Rocking My World Friday

I thought I'd start making a note of all the positive things that happen on a weekly basis & what better way than to join in with "Rocking Your World Friday". When times are hard its best to concentrate on the brighter things, to remind us thats its not a dark hard world out there.

So first of all we had attended our termly parents meeting with Zacks tutor, which was MORE than positive. Hes doing really well with all his lessons, apart from PE, which when mentioned he told his tutor "well I cant be good at everything!". I've been telling him this ever since people have commented on his lack of sportyness & I am so glad hes taken it on board. He's obviously a teachers pet with his tutor as she gushes over him, lol, he's 1 of her 6 stars, all of which have already reached the level they should finish year 7 at & are even looking at GCSE level maths books :-O He's expected to leave the school with straight A's.
To add to this we received a letter saying Zacks been added to the gifted & talented list for both ICT (computing) & English.

Second on my list is my new table, which I'm sure your fed up of so I'll skip going on about it ;-) I will say though that not only is it making life easier for me tidying but its also bringing the family together.  Kai comes home from Pre-school & sits with me at the table to eat lunch, chat & then play. Zack gets home from school & immediately sits on one of the chairs to chat to me & flick through the scrapbook. Even my other half, Ryan, will sit & chat to me at the table while I cook dinner.

Its only been taking me a morning to get the house looking tidy & clean!!!! As we're not using the lounge so much its staying tidy so I only need to give it a quick tidy & clean, the same with our bedroom so the main clean up areas are kitchen, bathroom & lounge. I also do a different job each day such as clean the windows, wash all the floors etc.

I am totally rocking getting my scrapbooking mojo back, I have done **runs off to count** 10 layouts this week, 7 single pages & 3 doubles.

I am absolutely loving seeing so many blogs doing "pay it forward" & even more so using the logo I found for it, its lovely to think they are all part of my tree :)
Finally I am getting lots of inspiration from One World One Heart, my blog roll is getting longer as is my want-to-try list. It is well worth going to have a look.

So whats rocked your world lately?


  1. YAY! Am hopping up and down in my seat chuffed to bits that you are playing along K! Love your list. So proud on your behalf about your boys. And isn't it amazing what one table can do for a family :)

    I feel exactly the same about both OWOH and also PIF although I didn't realise when I nicked your piccie that you had gone and found it. I just love Blogland!

    Back later with my post - for now I am off to drop ratbag 3 off to nursery and then will be luncheoning with my Beloved in my stu-stu-studio :P

  2. Oh what a joy to come home from work and find a new Rockette as Carmen said YAY!!!!! Thank you for joining in Rocking Your World, it really can make the difference to see all the great things that we have going on in our lives! I'm loving your list it's awesome, how fabulous are you boys! I haven't (yet) joined in the PIF and have yet to start on the blog listed on OWOH I dread to think how many hours I'll spend on their once I get started! Hope you have a fabulous weekened



  3. Hi Fellow Rocker!

    Good to see you playing along and it's a great list! Great to hear Zack is doing so well at school, and the positive effect your table is having on family life.

    Sounds like you've had a good week, and I hope you have a lovely weekend.




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