Friday, 25 February 2011

Rocking My World Friday

Its the holidays, yay! And though I havent had much of a lie in I havent had to rush around getting the kids ready either.

I managed to tighten the belts enough to pay all the bills this week after other halfs company changed the pay day from the 24th to the last day of the month. I dont think they realised how much hassle this would cause for Direct Debits, & bills in general, or maybe they just didnt care. You cant arrange a DD to come out on the last day of the month as that day alters from month to month, so the logical answer is to have them come out on the 1st ..... but even though this is only 4 days later (because we're in Feb) its a whole new month is bill terms & if we want to change the date then they all want paying on both the 24th & 1st -  stuff that, I'd prefer to have the money sitting in the bank for almost a whole month more making the balance look nice, lol.
I can totally understand why its so easy to go down the slippery slope of going into spiraling debt, and am so glad we've managed to escape that.

Being able to cook simple but sweet recipes is defiantely on a high with me this week. Instead of buying snacks I've looked at whats in the cupboards to see what we can make so its been a week of brown sugar meringues, chocolate crunchies and chocolate cranberry muffins (made by the kids)

Chatting to old friends. I have found on facebook a friend who I lost contact with when she moved to Wales 2 years ago, & we're chatting again like we always did (mainly moaning about our OHs as they are soooooo similar). Another friend text me out the blue, we havent seen each other for over a year but have arranged to meet up for a cuppa after the hols. Like any relationship, friendships take work & effort from both sides to remain strong,

I am very thankful for the capabilities & resources the internet gives me, it ALWAYS rocks my world. Its a way of finding out information, getting amazing deals, freebies & being able to talk to people I otherwise wouldnt know at all.

So whats been rocking your world this friday? Hows about letting us know & hoping over to Virginias blog to link up :)


  1. Love your list again this week K. I couldn't live without the internet - I really couldn't.

  2. p.s were the meringues meant to be brown? *g*

  3. Lol Carmen, noooooo, they werent burnt, lol, they are made from brown sugar & taste soooooooo much nicer than normal meringues - the recipe will be up next saturday.

  4. I'm back I'm back - I was away and couldn't do what I wanted to do on my phone LOL so thought I'd save my comments until i got home. Love your list the making things from ingredients in the cupboards sounds lovely - will be keeping my eye out for the recipe!

    Hope you've had a lovely weekend.



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