Friday, 18 February 2011

Rocking My World Friday

First & foremost I am rocking that today is the last day of this half term so I can hope for a lie in for the next week, note I say HOPE, that doesnt mean I will, especially as my 2 lads are wake up usually at 6 if not earlier.

This week I have received Nalini Singhs Guild Hunter Series which I won on the Gollancz Dark Fantasy Facebook page, 3 books containing Vampires & Angels, 2 of my all time favourite subjects, I cant wait to start reading them.

Kai has got through the past 2 weeks without getting chicken pox or Conjuctivitus which is rife at his pre-school at the moment, though I do realise Chicken Pox doesnt show for about 3 weeks. Today only about a 1/4 of his class came in, meaning they all had lots of fruit for their snack today as they didnt want it going off during the hols. Though I'd prefer Kai to get Chicken Pox at a young age neither my other half nor Zack have ever had it, they may be immune, but I'd rather they didnt get it at their ages.

Had a nice talk with my Mom over brecky at the pub yesterday .... its always amusing to reveal something naughty I got upto when I was 15 or something to her, very therapeutic, lol.
I also feel honoured that my MIL got in touch to ask for my help & advice on some family matters, makes me feel wise & appreciated :-)

& finally, my MIL, while sorting out her attic, finding a turtles bag with some of my other halfs stuff in it. So as not to pry she didnt open it but gave it to me. I of course immediately opened it :-D Inside among school work & books were some photos of my other half as a child. There was also some beautiful photos of him dressed up, about the age of 6, along with his parents in old fashioned clothes. The photos are sepia so as to look old fashioned. I shall be scanning them to not only scrap but also so my MIL can have a copy of them all.

I'm off to have a look at what other people have been upto this week, if you want a look you can visit Celtic House for the list of Participants. Before I go, I'd love to know, whats rocked your world this week?


  1. Hi Hun
    Loving your list this week - thanks for comments on mine - I try not to get on my political soapbox too often but sometimes I just get cross, maybe if we start discussing it more often we can stop some of this craziness and actually be heard! Anyway back to your beautiful list - I'm sending extra special vibes for a lie for you this week! I too have an early riser but at ten he now prefers to sneak downstairs and put the TV on rather than wake me - bless him! And another reader of all things vampire - the big question is have you read the black dagger brotherhood vampire books - very adult content if I'm honest but JR Ward is a fabulous author! Let us know how you get on with the ones you are reading - always on the look out for more new reads!

    Have a beautiful and blessed weekend



  2. Ooh not been on the Gollancz page in a while, didn't realise you had one! YAY! Love it when people I know win - congrats! Reviews in the offing per chance?

    My two eldest have both had chicken pox twice but I have never ever had it, or measles. Strange how it works isn't it?



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