Saturday, 18 June 2011

A Canneloni Experiment

My other half made us Spaghetti bolognaise for Tea one evening, knowing I frequently batch cook bolognaise he ensured there was plenty ... did I say plenty? I meant LOADS! I usually freeze the bolognaise in tubs to defrost & use in either lasgna, canneloni or as a meat ball sauce. This time we'd somehow got a tub shortage, where do tubs disappear to? So after racking my brain for a little while I struck upon an idea .... fill each canneloni tube with the bolognaise & then freeze, spaced out on a tray so I can later put them in a tub. I thought that when needed I could take out the required number, defrost, add cheese sauce & bake.
Canneloni on a tray thats been covered in baking paper, ready to freeze.

Frozen canneloni transfered to tub for ease of storage.
In the morning I decided it was a canneloni day & took out the specific number I wanted to defrost, woohoo, they werent stuck together!!!! I placed them in heatproof square dishes & left them covered until evening, by this time they were fully defrosted & ready for a cheese sauce. The only problem I had was if there was a crack in the canneloni, when it thawed this opened up even more - only really a cosmetic problem.
Cheese sauce made, poured over, a small amount of grated cheese sprinled ontop before bunging it in the oven.

They were a HIT!!! When cooked the gaps in the canneloni are totally un-noticable, they taste the same as when made fresh - definately a time and waste saving endeavour that I shall be repeating.

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