Thursday, 2 June 2011

Scrapinspire #3

Yet another new month is upon us and my crafting mojo seems to have got up & gone .... or maybe its just being expressed in less paper based ways, in May my hair went from BRIGHT red, to pink & purple & is now a mixture of blues & greens.

But I digress, back to scrapbooking. Having not done a page for about a month I thought I better try kick starting myself & try to get the flow going again. I got out my scrapbook albums & started sorting them out, making sure they were in chronological order. I then sat with my notepad sorting out my photos into chronological order, jotting down any inspiration that I got from the photos. Sometimes its just a title, other times a layout or possible embellishments to include. As of yet I havent got an idea for a full page so my next stop is the internet. theres are so many sites out there to flick through & get a few ideas. Through out I'll be keeping my eyes open on potential layouts EVERYWHERE - how magazines set out their articles, dvd covers, recipe books etc etc

So, inline with finding inspiration this months task is to make a scrap page that was inspired by something you've seen .... & please remember, if you do any scraplifting please link back to where you got it from.


  1. Sounds like a plan! I guess Pinterest is a good place to gather that inspiration? I've been resisting Pinterest but I've heard so much about it now that I think I have to have a go!

  2. I only have one album and I just posted something very similar :) I'll be watching and hoping for some of your inspiration to head over here :)

  3. p.s - did you see GA has a dt call?



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