Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Lipstick DIY

Have you seen the new advert by maxfactor with the lip pen? Well Kai had the same idea before he even saw it.....

The Journalling reads..
"I still don't know how you managed to apply pen to your lips so neatly without a mirror"

Thankfully all Kai's pens are non toxic but I wonder how many children will use their own oens to copy the advert?!

As the pen was red I decided to use random red objects to highlight the colour (inspiration from Gauche Alchemy kits), as well as the title. I used a pen to follow some of the pattern on the background paper to add a bit of a border and pull the page in a little. I also mounted the photo to make it show up a bit better.


  1. Oh dear! I'm sure a lot of kids do that! :)

  2. Gorgeous layout K, hope then pen came off without any trouble x



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